World’s Sexiest Policewoman Swaps Her Uniform for The “Bikini Show” as She’s Crowned Miss Texas 2017 (Photos)


The female police officer crowned Miss Texas 2017

A female police officer said to be the world’s sexiet policewoman has been crowned Miss Texas 2017 – a top US beauty contest.

According to Sun Uk, Shannon Dresser swapped her bobby uniform for a ballgown and bikini to be crowned Miss Texas 2017.

Officer Dresser wowed judges with her mixture of bravery and beauty. And she told how she often has to battle stereotypes in both her modelling and police work at Katy Independent School.

“They know me as Officer Dresser and they see me out there sweating and running and taking care of everything — when they find out I have an outside part of me that’s really girly, they’re usually blown away,” she told ABC.

Coming from a law enforcement family meant Shannon always new a life in the force was ahead of her.

But she also knew that strutting her stuff on the catwalk excited her too.

“I’m really glad I can have those two worlds because I really think it does mould me and ground me, because it lets me be who I am,” she said.

“You train for the unexpected. You train for the worst and hope for the best in any situation,” she added.


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