Beth Rae Harris


Beth Rae Harris, a 36-year-old woman allegedly posted a video of her unconscious friend being r*ped on Snapchat after they argued over a man.


According to Metro UK, Beth Rae Harris is believed to have argued with the victim, 23, over a man they met at a party last week.


After talking things through, they went to a club and a hotel party where the victim drank heavily, prosecutors said.


They later returned to the 36-year-old’s apartment, in West Ridge, Chicago, where the victim passed out.


Harris then allegedly encouraged one man to r*pe the woman while she filmed it.


The victim reported it to police after she woke up the next morning n*ked and sore.


She later discovered videos of her being r*ped posted on Snapchat, NBC Chicago reported.


Harris was identified as the individual who filmed and shared the footage and was subsequently arrested and charged with nonconsensual dissemination of s*xual images on Thursday.


She is currently being held at Cook County Jail and her bail has been set at £116,000.


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