Woman in China are making heart shapes with their breasts in a new social media craze


A new social media craze named “Heart-shaped breast challenge” which sees women making heart shapes with their bare breasts is sweeping across the Chinese social media outlets.


According to a report by Dailymail, the trending topic, which has gathered nearly two million clicks on Twitter-like Weibo, came just a week after web users flocked to make a knot with their fingers to show off the flexibility of their hands.  



The ‘heart-shaped breast challenge’ which started earlier this week when a live-stream hostess created ‘the trick’ to attract more fans, resulted in some web users complete the challenge.


It’s understood that some of the pictures under the topic page have been removed by the Chinese online censors as they have been deemed too risque. However, the trending topic page is still accessible as of writing. 


See more photos below;







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