Love S*x And Beterayal: Serious Commotion as Ex-boyfriend Ruins a Wedding by Sending Bride’s S*x Video to the Groom (Video)



In an video now gone viral, what ordinarily would have been a day of joy was ruined after jealous ex lover committed the unthinkable. It is always to reserve certain things till marriage. One of such things is allowing a lover make a sex tape out of you. The outcome is mostly not palatable.

A shocking report by Chinapress has revealed how a bride who thought she could eat her cake and eat it received the shock of her life on her wedding day.

It was gathered that the wedding ceremony had gone on well, and the couple had arrived at the reception, to the waiting arms of families and friends, and when the groom got down from the car, everyone had thought he wanted to open the door for his bride.

They were, however, shocked to see him drag out his new wife in rough manner, while the now weeping bride was caught by a vigilant person who led her away as she cried.

It turned out that the bride had spent her last night as a spinster with an ex-boyfriend of hers. The groom had received a message on his mobile phone, with a video clip attached and this caused him to be furious.

The video clip was reportedly sent by the ex-boyfriend, which showed him and the bride having s*x the night before.

Watch the video below;


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