Earlier today, LIB broke the story that Charles Billion, the estranged husband to actress Mimi Orjiekwe, was expecting another child with a US-based woman whose name is Mimi.

The resultant effect of that story is the emagence of new facts disclosed to LIB to the effect that Charles has hitherto had a baby months before his wedding to actress Mimi Orjiekwe.

According to an inside source, Charles got a top female police officer in Lagos pregnant and the woman whose name LIB will not be revealing, came forward with claims that she was pregnant for Charles. The woman actually called Mimi but the actress thought she was just one of those women who want to kill the joy of another woman.

Initially, he denied it but after a while, Charles confessed to Mimi after their wedding had taken place. Mimi forgave him and accepted him. The top police officer gave birth to a girl.

The source added that Mimi found out about Charles’s US soon-to-be babymama today and has been in shock. According to the source, Charles and Mimi have been trying to mend their marriage that has experienced many troubles since it was contracted in July 2015. Charles has gone to her father to plead with him and also met with her friends to help him beg Mimi so that their marriage can work. All the while, she did not know that he had impregnated another “Mimi” in the US.


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