Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.’s Wonder Woman earned another $395,000 yesterday, which was a drop of just 31% from last Tuesday. And that brings its domestic total up to $400.223 million in North America after 68 days of domestic release. So, yes, Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns’ Wonder Woman is the 27th movie to gross more than $400m domestic in its theatrical lifetime. Among “didn’t need a re-release” titles, it is one of the slowest such offerings, behind only Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (74 days), The Hunger Games (8o days) and Frozen (155 days). Of course, it’s also the leggiest “opened on a Friday” $100m+ opener of all time.

Yes, it is the biggest-grossing movie of the summer in North America. And yes, it is the biggest movie ever in North America and worldwide (it’s at around $795 million globally) helmed by a solo female director. Heck, among anything helmed by a woman, it sits only behind Frozen (co-directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck) and its $1.27 billion global cume. As big as Wonder Woman may be in Japan when it opens on the 25th, it isn’t going to clear $1.27b worldwide. The question is whether it plays enough like Maleficent ($63m in 2014) to make a run at challenging the $873m global cume of Batman v Superman, but we’ll cross that bridge if-and-when.


Source: Forbes


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