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It irks me when people make nasty remarks about women who wear make-up. Of late, I have been seeing a lot of pictures on social media showcasing makeup’s transforming capabilities and the menfolk have been crying blue murder claiming women are being deceitful about their appearance.

I don’t even understand how the topic of make-up is up for debate. To put it quite candidly, if I like how it looks on me and it makes me feel good, your opinion is irrelevant. Makeup should only be my concern. End of story. Here are a few things all women who wear make-up are tired of hearing.

1. You look good without make-up

Guys, it is NOT a compliment when you tell a girl she looks better without make-up. If you are really into her, she would be beautiful to you at all times. Critiquing her looks under the guise of complimenting her won’t score any points.

If you don’t like kissing her lips lathered in cherry red lipstick, too bad. If you like your girls natural, great! Take a walk. We like our guys less judgmental anyway.

2. You wear make-up to impress boys

I am so tired of hearing this! No, we do not wear make-up for dudes or other women for that matter. I wear make-up for myself. I wear make-up because I like it.

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We wear make-up because putting it on is a lot of fun. We like playing with different colours on our eyes and lips and we couldn’t care less about what some random dude thinks.

3. You wear make-up because you are insecure

It is ridiculous that some people think women wear make-up because of insecurities. I personally started wearing make-up out of curiosity and not of insecurity. I came to love make-up because it is a form of art. My face is a blank canvas.

Putting on make-up is relaxing and it feels good. Make-up is a passion as much as anything else. Women should be able to freely wear it without being called insecure and “ugly under it.

4. You look different without make-up

Uuuuh, duh! That’s the whole point of wearing make-up! When I wear make-up, my skin looks smoother and creamier, my eyebrows are more defined and better frame my face.

It is simply a process of emphasising the parts of my face that we love. So, sop acting like we are applying prosthetics.

5. You’re lying to the world by wearing make-up

Men need to give us a break and stop acting surprised that women look different when they take their make-up off. You want to tell me that you really thought that the inky black line around her lashes was part of her face?

We are sorry to disappoint you but our eyelids aren’t actually gold and glittery. Our lips are not naturally glossy and crimson coloured either. If you are easily fooled by make-up, that is your problem. You’re foolish if you expect women to look as glamorous and perfect without make-up as the average woman does.


By @roxannekenya


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